EMSEV 2024 in Greece

EMSEV2024 in Crete, Greece


EMSEV2024 will be held from 6 to 9, October 2024.

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Venue: The "Great Arsenal" from the 15th century to 2022.

The "Great Arsenal" in the city of Chania traces a historical course through the centuries. The residents and visitors to the city pass by this emblematic building every day knowing its importance and usefulness throughout the ages.
The architecture of the building excites both lovers and scholars of architectural history, as well as any pedestrian who happens to pass in front of him. The arched passageways, the ornate sheds, the sturdy construction with the carved sandstones, and the art of masonry throughout the entire scope of the building, dominate the heart of the Old Venetian port.
The arsenals existed in the port area of Chania since 1497. The "Great Arsenal" began to built in 1585-1600.
Over the years, its premises successively hosted the school of the Christian Community (1872), a number of theaters (1892), the public hospital (1923), and the Town Hall (1928-1941).
Coming today, from a roofless ruin, it has been transformed into an impressive event space.It functions as a Mediterranean Architecture Center, hosting important Greek and international events.